Tuesday, April 8, 2014

13 Weeks Out

Houston, we FINALLY have fuckin progress!

This weekends 13wk out check in was exactly what my spirit needed.
I saw progress in my pictures AND on the scale, the perfect storm. After my weight being stalled around 161-162lbs I dropped below 160 for the first time since.........eerrr, ummm.....October/November maybe??! Ok, it's only down to 159.4lbs but Imma take that shit and run, but not literally cause I can't run lol

My Saturday check in procedure typically goes...Scale, then pictures but I flipped the order this weekend. I could SEE the changes in my physique throughout the week so I knew there would be proof in the pictures and really that's where it counts. With that said, I was already in the RIGHT mindset prior to stepping on the scale, but finally seeing the 150-anything made me so fuckin happy. **Yes. I am well aware that the number itself doesn't mean anything but the scale is a TOOL and the reality is, if you're dieting and eating in a deficit, the number should be dropping pretty consistently. so please, save your breath with the "who cares about the scale" lip service. Thankyousoveryfuckinmuch**

Even though I've been in the game a while and sure they're are "markers" if you will as far as prep is concerned, the truth is that my body has responded differently with EVERY SINGLE PREP. No two have been the same so at times while I can look back to see what I was doing and how my body was responding at X-wks out last season, there really aren't any guarantees to do "this" and expect "that". This year, the 160's have been my sticking point..my body had fought like hell to hold onto that weight/size but having finally broke that plateau, I feel like I'm over the hump and things with be changing and progressing with more consistency.

Random prep tidbits
*Nailing my diet with ease! It's basically auto pilot at this point. Am I hungry?? Umm..yes! First of all, I'm ALWAYS hungry so that's a given but no my diet is that "hard" by any means. I'm not going to gnaw my own limbs...yet
*Cardio is easy...wait? wut?? I can tell I'm getting my "fitness" back lol I'm not as winded and my sessions aren't as labored which is an awesome feeling. As much as I loathe cardio, I do like feeling fit.
*I have been making slight tweaks with my training, while I'll always be power focused (Imma PR junky) I've started running a program with more volume, higher reps...taking my main lifts (squats, bench, deads) to failure which is unlike I've done in the past. It definitely kicks my ass in a totally different way, but I have to admit, I am digging it.
*I'm 100% decided on my music and once it gets edited (ahem, Jimmy) then I'll start working on that whole routine thingy. Who wants to volunteer to put it together and teach me??! Anyone?! Hello!?

13 Weeks Out:
159.4lbs {happy dance}
Power/Mountain Dog
45g Fat/200G Carbs/165g Protein
45g Fat/145G Carbs/165g Protein
1-1.5gal water

3 30min Steady State/2 HIIT sessions
Champion Nutrition's Multi-V, Omega 3 Fish Oil, Performance BCAA's, Liver Cleanse, Power Creatine, Power Glutamine, Pure Whey and ThermoGold
Glucosamine and probiotics

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