Saturday, June 30, 2012

One month down.......

Boy, I am really sucking at this whole off season blog thing..EEEK! 

Anywho..the first month of my off season is wrap and it was quite a learning experience to say the least. Overall I am happy with the gains and progress that I am making..I'm fuller, thicker and is fun again :)) On the downside, I am getting a bit softer/fluffier than I would like so that's gotta change effective immediately. 

As far as my training goes, I'm going to be running 5/3/1 again. I did this last off season (til I got injured) and the gains were fantastic..both strength and size. Physically, I am feeling AMAZING so I'm excited to see what I can do on this program with my body performing at 100% for the first time in a long time. One area that I have been slacking in is the cardio...FML! When not prepping, not having a show in sight..I'm quick to bail on a cardio session cause I hate it so much but I've gotta get back to it and tighten up a bit..fuck, my heart is an important muscle too, gotta keep it in shape!

I'm also going to be making some slight tweaks to my diet. Nothing crazy or drastic but I've been pretty loose lately and quite frankly, it's showing. I'm keeping my protein intake high but will be making a little drop in my carbs which should get me where I want to be..I'll be shooting for 185-200g of Protein, 85-150g Carbs and 45g Fat. There is a line between being full, thick and soft...or squishy and sloppy...I am currently teetering on the line, leaning towards squishy :/ When I gain too much shit weight, it goes right to my waist and face...the cheeks are getting round so it's time to reign it in. 

Now, with all that being said..the plan is in place for the next few weeks to see how my body responds. I still have NOT stepped on the scale..I thought about it for a few but decided against it. I really dont need the mind fuck right now. My clothes are still fitting..getting snug in the mostly the right places (booty and legs) but the waist is eh, getting uncomfortable so no need to add the scale to that mix...yet, but I do plan on checkin in with it in a few so stay tuned for what will no doubt be an interesting moment LOL!

And just to make this post a wee bit more entertaining...
Here are a few recent pics to give ya a little idea of what I'm werkin with!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Balance FTW!

Even though I'm really only a few weeks into the full swing of my off season, things are really going well. As much as I love having my plan in place, I'm also making a few tweaks here and there just based on how I'm looking and more importantly how I'm feeling.

As far as my training is concerned, I really couldnt be happier with how I'm progressing. It feels AMAZING to be back in the gym, on the regular and challenging myself with each workout. I'm not hitting any PR's...yet, but with just a few weeks under my belt, I have no doubt that they are just around the corner.  I'm really learing to listen to my body a lot more then I have in the past...So, while I have a "routine" per say, some days the bady can handle more than others and I'm just going with it. When it comes to cardio, I'm getting it in if I have time but definitely not going out of my way to do so ;-) I say the less I can get away with doing, the better but yeah..I've been slackin'

I have to admit, the most stressful part of this nutty lifestyle that I adore so much is the diet. I tend to over analyze and quite frankly panic like a motherfucker over EVERYTHING! I'm usually very all or nothing with my diet...I'm either nailing my macros or eating everything that isnt nailed down. I'm very pleased that I have been in a rockin place of BALANCE! I'm prepping my foods and all the good stuff, but if I'm going out to eat it's no biggie, I make a decent decision and sometimes even a naughty one :-P This is my life and I'm happily LIVING it. One of the changes I have made was to increase my protein intake each day..I've got growing to do and this machine needs it. As I said before, I am not working with my coach/trainer currently but I am fortunate to have some help and insight along the way so I feel confident in the slight changes I'm making.

And in other random, yet exciting news....
I am currently weighing in at---I have no fuckin clue! Yep, I still have not stepped foot on the scale..that fucker is down in my basement where it belongs. If I had to guess, I would say that I am roughly 115-120ish but again, I can honestly say I don't know and I don't care. My mirror says I'm doing well and things are moving in the right direction. I look full but still tight and I feel the end of the day that is all that matters. Sure, I wish my tummy/waist were a bit tighter as it's definitely softer than I would like but I'm not throwing myself off a bridge over it either. Even when I have those "fat" moments, I check the facts and there is no possible way for me to be fat when I'm still a size 1..and that is that!

And with that, I'll wrap it up til next time..........

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A woman with a plan!

Ok, I have totally been sucking with the whole off season blog thing LOL! 
But, anywho....
Here is a little recap of life thus far!

I am LOVING life!

One of the biggest changes of my off season is for the first time since I began my competition journey, I am not working with a coach. In all honesty, I would if I could but a trainer/coach is a luxury that I cannot afford right now but I have been very fortunate to have worked WITH (yes, with) someone who didn't just tell me what to do, he educated me and gave me the knowledge and confidence to navigate my way on my own. And of course, if I get a little crazy, Joe is always just a text/email away :) But one bright side is no more weekly check ins and NO progress pics! YAY!!!!!!

When putting together my training/diet program, I of course ran it by the boss to get the OK!'s just habit after all these years LOL! I'm running a 4 day split again, love having 2 leg days and since I'm 100% healthy (physically speaking) I'm very excited to get back into really squatting and dead lifting again!!!! As far as the dreaded cardio goes, after prepping for so long I am not just going to cut all cardio immediately. Right now I am still doing 4 sessions a week, only about 30mins or so. When it comes to the diet, this is the area that I always struggle with but I am THRILLED to say that things are moving along with relative ease. Since I'm coming off of prep, I did a moderate increase to my macros...Hitting 45g Fat and 150g Protein each day and 170g/100g of carbs on training and rest days. 

One of my main goals is to STAY OFF THE SCALE! I weighed myself at the start of my program (June 1st) and the scale has not seen the light of day since. I'm using my clothing and the mirror as my gauge...If I'm fitting in my jeans (which I am) and I like the way I look (which I do) then that number really means nothing. Let's be real, if I'm fuckin up and getting fat...I know it and don't need a little box to tell me that. I'm a crazy bitch, I know it and I own yeah, I have days..sometimes moments where I feel fluffy and a little squishy but I can honestly say that I am happy with the look I have right now and I'm comfortable in my own skin. And that ladies and gentlemen is a HUGE mutherfuckin win!

My program in a nutshell is geared toward adding overall lean mass and keeping shit TIGHT!
I'm running my current training/cardio and macro plan for the month of June, then I will take a look at things...reevaluate and see what changes need to be made or if I'm just going to say the course.

June Plan of Attack: 
Training:  4 Day Split (Quads/Calves, Chest/Tris, Back/Hams, Delt/Bi)
Cardio:   4 30min Sessions per week (2 SS and 2 HIIT)
Macros : 45g Fat/100g Carb/150g Pro (rest days)
                45g Fat/170g Carb/150g Pro (training days)
Supplements: See Pic :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

What's up?! What's next?!

I've been getting quite a few emails/PM's etc asking if I'm going to continue blogging, what's going on with my competition plans and all that good shit.
Since my 2012 competition season is a wrap, I've had plenty of time for reflection as well as really deciding on what my next plan of action should be. I know to most, saying that my 2012 season is over and June has only just begun sounds pretty nutty. I poured my heart and soul..gave my everything into prepping for the IFPA Pro Bowl and I couldn't have scripted it any better. I brought the best package I've ever presented and I took the stage with people whom I respect and admire...The cherry on top was placing 4th in my class. Overall that weekend was the perfect culmination of a journey that started in 2010.
Just 3 weeks after the Pro Bowl, I kicked off the heels and jumped into the NPC Women's Physique Division. I was scared out of my mind and kept thinking "WTF are you doing?" but, it ended up being a good learning experience. Obviously, throwing it all together in a few weeks is NOT my style but at the same time, I actually surprised myself. As someone who never performed a day in her life, I just wanted to survive it and not make a fool of myself. Well, turns out that I did more than survive it..I really enjoyed it. All of it..the posing, the routine..everything.
Since I have really fallen in love with WPD, I have decided to put the heels aside and see what I'm capable of barefoot :) I have qualified to compete at the National Level but I know I am far from bringing a competitive physique to the national stage. I know a lot of people do show after many as they can fit into a season but that just doesn't work for me and my goals. Do I love competing?? Absolutely! But I have learned how valuable time "off" can be..both physically and mentally.
So I can sit back and look at what the first half of 2012 has brought and I am happy with what I've achieved, what goals I reached and what fears I conquered.
My focus for now is to eat, train my ass off, rest and GROW!!!
Since this isn't a "prep" blog, who knows how often I'll update or if it's even worth reading...
Feel free to hop along for what will no doubt be another fucked up ride in my crazy head!
All aboard.........