Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stop, drop and keep rolling along...

Ok, I've been slacking a bit....
Time to catch up!

Life has been throwing a few curve balls my way lately and it's kinda had my head spinning to be honest. I've thought about everything and anything, processed and now I'm moving forward...There are only so many things I can control and if I can't, I'll do what I always do...put one foot in front of the other (hell, sometimes I'm on my hands and knees) and keep on going!
I took a couple of days off from life..
Didn't give a shit about my diet, didn't train, no cardio..nada. I chilled, sat on my ass, slept late and let my body and mind recover..
Now, it's on!
I'm about 6.5wks away from my first power lifting meet! In taking a step back in looking at how my body is responding/feeling as well as how my lifts are progressing, I did for a hot second think about bailing since I won't be "ready" but that ain't my style and I'm game! Now, I have decided that this will NOT be a full meet. My squat is just not up to par, my hip flexibility and technique overall need work so maybe down the road but for this venture, I am leaning towards push/pull. I am definitely feeling good about my deadlift and while my bench is not quite where I want it, I still feel good so for now, I'm full force going push/pull but hell..with in the next few weeks, anything can happen but that is where my head (and more importantly my body) is right now. I do have goals in place, as far as numbers I would like to hit but at the end of the day, anything I bring to the platform will be a PR and a check on my bucket list...well, unless I totally bomb..which is my biggest fear :o)
And in the not so wonderful world of my fat ass.......................
It's time to stop fuckin around and tighten this shit up with a quickness. When I'm stressed, B&J make me feel better ;-) Imma stress eater and we all know how well that works...Mmmmhmm! Anywho, my goal is to drop about 10lbs, which really as long as I hit my macros and throw down in the gym, that will take care of itself. Ideally I would like to make weight to compete in the 132lb class but I'm not going to kill myself to do it, this is supposed to be for fun and I want to keep it that way..My mindset right now is to give my body PROPER fuel to perform..and everything else will fall into place.
Next time you hear from me, I'll be babbling about some PR's..(((crossing fingers)))
And that is a wrap....

Sunday, September 16, 2012

BOOM! PR's and more.......

The last week or so things have been really moving in the right direction, overall. I have been doing my dynamic stretching, as well as rolling and clearly the proper warm up is making all the difference...I feel healthy and my body is performing..GO ME!

This week was chocked full of PR's which is an incredible feeling! I hit 240 on my squat, 135 on my bench and 285 on my deadlift...That pull made me giggle like a little girl, I was so excited! Both my squat and bench were spotted, IMO I needed to get deeper on my squat so technique (and hip flexibility) need work there and my bench technique really needs some tweaking..I still bench like a bodybuilder and not a power lifter so I am working on that. The PR on my deads was NOT pretty but I got it up for 2 single sets. Just a reminder, I only pull conventional..I get asked a lot about sumo and I can't to do it..It's just awkward and uncomfortable so Imma conventional girl all the way. 

Considering my concern over keeping my body healthy and needing to work on technique, I MAY just compete in deadlift only but still leaning towards push pull. Again, I have time to decide exactly what I want to do..for now, I'm training all out and will listen to my body. 

And the ever popular topic of my weight and body image........................
My weight is holding steady at roughly 145lbs and I'm 5'4" (for those who keep asking lol). While I am not "dieting" I am cleaning up my diet. I would like to tighten up a little bit but I'm not going to kill myself to do it...I'm just keeping the ice cream, cookies, brownies and candy out of my mouth....for a little bit anyway ;-) With the weather changing to fall, trying to get into my clothes from last year has been interesting....several belt loops have been lost, a pair of pants ripped by my ever growing ass and I got stuck trying to get a shirt on! As much as that kinda sucks, I'm pretty happy with my physique as a whole..My legs are coming up, back is thick and wide..delts are round and full...but, I would love it drop the belly fat/muffin top if I could :(  Now, on the bright side I have been able to get my weight belt on and off without assistance..YIPPEEEEEE!!!!!!

This week I'm going to be taking a much needed (and welcomed!) deload.. My body is sore and achy so I'll be working on technique a lot this week as well us upping my glutamine, BCAA, fish oils and joint supplements. A little active recovery does the body good =)))

X-frame is a-comin!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Here goes nothin...

As I mentioned in my last blog, I have set my sights on some new goals. The competitor in me WANTS to prep and get my ever-growing ass back on stage, but that is just not going to happen this year..I still have much work ahead before I am WP ready. My training for size and strength has been INCREDIBLE..I am hitting PR's and making gains with consistency, so I've decided to jump in and do something that I have wanted to do for a while but lacked the balls to go for....I've got my sights set on a Power Lifting meet this fall!

This is an idea I have kicked around for the last few years but never felt like my lifts were competitive enough to warrant stepping on the platform, but the reality is no matter what numbers I hit, it will be a PR and for me that's what this is all about. This is a personal journey for myself, a goal to cross off my list..a goal that uses my competitive energy towards something NOT dependent on how I look. Boy, that's a nice change of pace lol

As far as the deets are concerned, I haven't committed to a full meet yet...I'm thinking possibly push/pull or even dead lift only. It really all depends on how my body feels as I get closer to meet time. Many of you know that I was held back last year due to several injuries (back and ribs), so I'm trying to play this shit smart...but of course, I tweaked my back the other day :/ FML! Now, with that said after a visit with my chiro (Thanks Dr. Mike!) I've got some great warm up techniques to incorporate as well as stretching for my hips/low back and some PVC rolling..yeah, that shit hurts so fuckin good! 

I was fearful to take the leap and do this but I am fortunate to have so many awesome people in my corner that truly believe in me and help support and encourage me along the way. I am not working with a trainer or anything like that, this is just something I'm doing for ME..but, I do have some experienced people by my side whose brains I'm picking along the way...I'm lucky like that ;-)

Since I'm in a sense "prepping" I will definitely be updating my blog at least wkly, if not more..I'll be tracking my weight (not dieting but more of recomping if you will) since there are weight classes..oh joy! And I'll be updating on my lifts, PR's, reps...hell, maybe even some video!

Until next time....


Monday, September 3, 2012

Goodbye Summer 2012

It's been quite some time since I've updated, so I've got a lot to catch up on...
Sit down, relax and here I go.....................

I wrapped up my competition season Memorial Day weekend, the official start of summer if you will. I pretty much spent the summer just having fun and enjoying myself after basically prepping for the first half of the year. Yeah, I have been busting it in the gym..training has been incredible and at least I've been putting all the calories I've been inhaling to work for me! My gains in the gym have been awesome, training off the charts but as far as following any sort of macro program..ummmm, big epic fail ;-) I do make sure to get enough protein daily but other than that...I've allowed myself to enjoy whatever the fuck I want! Browies, ice cream, even a few drinks here and there. Now, this weekend I celebrated my 30th birthday so that was the official end to my fatty cakes summer of reckless abandon...wrapped up with B&J Chubby Hubby...I went out in fat kid style :) Sure, I probably (LOL!) over did it here and there but life is too short to live in a fuckin bubble..I had a blast with my friends and that is more important than weighing out my chicken. Sure, I got a pot belly and I'll lose it, but a dessert crawl will be a memory forever <3

Now with all that fatness out of the way, today I am officially back on a clean-macro hitting diet. Not "dieting" as far as eating in a deficit or anything, but cleaning it up and aiming for a bit of a recomp. I've got eggs boiling and tilapia baking..It's game on! Gonna keep training for gains but definitely plan on tightening up a bit. I finally (GASP) stepped on the scale over the weekend..It was the first time in 3 months and holy shit was that scary! I kept putting it off but I finally did it and I was NOT prepared for that number looking back at me :(  As ugly as it was, I am typing this so I managed to survive..I am 5'4" and sitting at 144.4lbs! Now, that was after a 3am banana split so Imma say there's a wee bit of bloat and water retention going on....that's my story and I'm stickin to it!

I have to say, as much as I didn't wanna get on the scale I was urged to (ok more like harassed to!) but I'm glad that I did it. I know where I stand if you will and I can now get a better gauge of my progress moving forward. Ideally, I would like to maintain roughly 135lbs over the next few months all while fueling my body with HEALTHY foods and stepping it up even harder in the gym. Yes, I am MUCH softer (aka FATTER) than I would like to be right now, but the muscle I have put on has made a world of difference in how I am carrying the weight. So, the scale is a tool I will be using moving forward as it its crucial to my goals but it's not sending me off the cliff either..WIN!

My wheels are always turning and I've already begun to lay the ground work for my next goal...
Taking my training from the gym to the plat form!
Stay tuned for my next blog with all the deets!