Monday, January 28, 2013

Pictures are worth a thousand words...

I have one solid week of prep under my belt and I have to say...It feels FANFUCKINTASTIC! There really is just something about flipping the switch that ignites something in me, the drive, the passion..all of it just seems to know when it's "Go time" and my brain switches to another level. If I could channel this energy into other area of my life, I'd really have my shit together lol

One thing that I have over come (hopefully for good) is my obsession with the scale, the anxiety of seeing a particular number, literally losing sleep the night before a "weigh in" or what I think I "need" to be etc..I went months without even stepping on it, of course with prep under way, it's now part of my weekly routine...yes WEEKLY, not DAILY or jesus fuck..MULTIPLE times PER DAY! It's a tool to track my progress, along with pictures. Over this first week, I can SEE and FEEL a difference in my physique..I seem to be dropping a bit of the fluffiness and look a bit tighter. Not necessarily "leaner" but I can see more shape to my physique. The most noticeable areas are my waistline and face..the two areas that weight (be it fat or bloat/water..gain or lose) is immediately noticeable. 

Now, with that being said..The scale showed a SLIGHT drop. I'm down to 152.4lbs so just over a half pound. Was I hoping for more? Of course..Hello! But, since I can SEE changes, I am finding the numbers just fascinating...No stress, or panic..just information and interesting information at that. As prep progresses, I hope that I can keep my perspective on the scale cause it has made a WORLD of difference in my sanity...Let's cross our fingers and toes on that one ;-) Along with my weight, I sent progress pics to my coach and we're rolling along.

As I mentioned in my last post, the progress pics for the time being (until I SEE real progress lol) are just sent to my coach, but I did snap a quick back shot in the mirror over the weekend and I was SHOCKED at the progress I've made. Clearly, since I've ripped clothing, got stuck in some shirts and cant zip a dress I know I built up my back (width and thickness) but without someone taking pics, it's tough to really get a gauge of how far I've come..As much as progress pics fuckin BLOW, when you take a step back, it really is incredible to see the work that you've done and how far you've come. I have much work ahead, but I am really proud of what I've accomplished thus far.....

2012: 17wks out, 127.8lbs
2013: 19wks out, 154.2lbs

So, there it don't lie..Hard work pays off and the scale aint nothing but a fuckin number! Yes, I was definitely leaner going into my prep last season at 17wks out vs. 19wks out this season but the gains were worth it and now is the time to see what's under there!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Let's the games begin!

I had one hell of an off season, physically and emotionally. It was my first attempt at doing things on my own, while I had some help and picked brains along the way it still gave me an incredible opportunity to really learn a lot about myself..I am confident that I am rolling into the 2013 season at my best place yet. 
The off season is officially a wrap and I couldn't be more excited to get prep underway. 

It's on........

Ok, so the question I have been asked a bazillion times: What show are you doing?
My sights are set to step on stage in 20wks at the NPC Atlantic States in NYC. Obviously the goal is to bring a bigger, fuller and harder physique to the stage..the best ME yet and of course a national qualification in Women's Physique would be nice too ;-)  Now, this is dependent on my body, how it responds etc..if I'm not ready, there is another show in Philly a few weeks later that I have on my radar. While 20wks SEEMS like a lot of time, as we all know it flies and will be here before I know it. This weekend I sent the first round of pics to my coach, he made some slight tweaks to my program and we are on our way. 

I've got Noel Fuller guiding me, Champion Nutrition is fueling me for another season and now it's time to get shit done!

 I'll be updating Noel with pics and stats weekly and I'll of course keep ya updated on my progress but no more public pics until I'm 14-16wks out so until ya go:

Stats: 5'4" and 153LBS



So, that pretty much sums it up!
As anyone who has followed along my previous preps knows this is just the first of many babbling entries. There will be tears, panic attacks..I will think I'm fat, too skinny and even just skinny fat lol
The crazy train is just leaving the station, hop aboard and come along for a hell of a ride <3

                           "Did you live like a dream come true or did you just survive?"

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hello 2013!

The holiday season has come and gone (FINALLY) so now is a good time to slow down and catch up for a bit...

I am not one for "New Year's Resolutions" and all that shit but yes..I do set goals, things I want to work on, accomplish or whatever I've maybe been putting on the back burner. 2011 and 2012 have been two of the most difficult and life altering years of my life so I am more than ready to slam the door shut (and deadbolt that fucker) and welcome 2013 with open fuckin arms!

I survived the holidays, celebrated..did the whole party thing, dinner etc..I enjoyed, treated myself and now it's full steam ahead towards the 2013 season...........

I have not been "dieting" but aside from some Xmas NOMZ I have been keeping my diet clean overall. I got my ass on the scale over the weekend and my weight seems to have stabilized. I've been holding steady at 150-151.something or other over the course of the last few weeks. Even thought the number hasnt changed, I do feel like my body composition has shifted a bit..a little less fluffy and a little more solid, so GO ME! I've been training on a regular schedule/routine which is the key to success for lifts are going well and I'm physically feeling good, a little tightness/aches and pains here and there but as a whole I'm feeling good to go. After a few months of getting back into a routine again, while I've been training I havent been doing any max attempts...ummmmm cause my belt still didn't fit :/ So I started using my training partner's (another plus for training with men LOL!)...til this morning when I got MY own belt on...unassisted!!! Over the last couple of weeks, since I'm feeling good I decided to do some heavy squatting and was able to hit 225 for sets of 5 which just felt good to have that on my back again..Of course, that was going to make me give some heavy pulling a shot...after getting 275 with relative ease, I got a little over zealous and figured to give 300 a go...epic fail..but, I was able to pull 245 for 6 this morning so I am confident that if I get back to consistently working on it, my 300lb DL will happen sooner rather than later...

Now with the new year fully underway, I have just 2...count them, 2 weeks left of my offseason! (((GASP)))
I've got my eyes set firmly on June, at one show or another depending what I'm ready for. The boss says prep starts in 2 weeks and what he says goes :) I'll have starting stats, pics (ugh!) and all that good stuff in the coming weeks so for now, it's same shit, different day...

Hope everyone's New Year is off to a fabulous start, leave 2012 where it belongs and let 2013 be the year you go after what you want...No more talking, start taking action <3