Tuesday, April 22, 2014

11 Weeks Out

Mentally, I was a little up and down over the last week..
This weekend I had a pretty damn good check in, which was just what I needed.

I was actually pleasantly surprised, I knew my physique had made progress over the last week but to see nearly a 2 pound drop on the scale was fuckin fantastic! I know it's not realistic to expect continued drops like that, but I do need to keep up the consistency. The scale obviously doesn't tell the entire story, so more importantly...my pictures SHOWED significant changes than the last round. The most noticeable shift is in my waistline, the taper is making a comeback lol I'm also seeing ham/quad separation on my side shots. Sending Joe a positive email is awesome..a week with no bitching, whining or stressing out. GO ME! As I said, I was mentally up and down so getting the thumbs up from the boss that we're on track and to just keep rolling was a nice morale booster. I'm still having those feelings like I'm not as far along as I should be or as I'd like to be etc...blah fuckin blah, I know.

I can say one of the biggest changes has been the feeling of "dieting". Yes, I'm hitting that point where I am hungry. My belly is growling and I'm not "satisfied". The higher carb days are definitely not nearly as bad as the lower days, who knew I'd miss rice so much??!! One of the trends I guess you could call it with contest prep, is people who act like it's supposed to be so easy and you shouldn't be hungry..that annoys me. Guess what? If it was that simple, we'd all be stage ready 24/7/365, but it's not so please STFU with that shit.

Random tidbits:
*Easter Weekend was a fun one, no there was no temptation to stray from my plan..I ate my meals and enjoyed the company of others, it's really not as difficult as some make it seem. Sure, I would have fucked up some candy under normal circumstances but let's be real, if my biggest issue is passing over some Reeses' eggs than I'm pretty fuckin lucky.
*YAY for my fat gurl jeans being loose!!! It's the only time not filling out the ass in my jeans is a good thing..On the downside, I still don't fit in much of my clothing. I had a mini-meltdown..I tried on countless things this weekend and I'm pretty sure that even as I drop more fat, with the added lean mass I'm carrying, even my summer clothes from last season aren't going to fit. Halter tops, shorts, skirts...all WAY too tight or too short. And that ladies and gentlemen is why I live in my gym clothes.
*Uncooked rice isn't too bad. I tossed some into a salad and it added a lovely crunch/texture. I'm pretty sure I took lazy to a whole new level. But, I have no shame.
*I've played with BB posing for YEARS in the gym, trying to do it for progress pictures is tough. Apparently, I need more time (and practice) than my self timer allows. Or a personal photographer so I can deflect blame when I look like shit. 
*Drinking water isn't a struggle like it had been, although not peeing my pants is a challenge. I now have even more sympathy for Bee Bee <3

  11 Weeks Out:
Power/Mountain Dog
45g Fat/200G Carbs/165g Protein (4 days)
45g Fat/145G Carbs/165g Protein (3 days)
1-1.5gal water
3 30min Steady State/2 HIIT sessions
Champion Nutrition's Multi-V, Omega 3 Fish Oil, Performance BCAA's, Liver Cleanse, Power Creatine, Power Glutamine, Pure Whey and ThermoGold
Glucosamine and probiotics

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