Monday, April 28, 2014

10 Weeks Out

I throat punched the panic button this weekend.....

My check in this weekend was a clusterfuck of crazy.
I went from YAY to FML in a hot second.

YAY: The scale dropped again this week, another significant drop...over 2 pounds! I knew I was down just by looking at myself, but that's a nice size drop in a week. Still not out of the 150's but that's a-comin'. Aside from that awesome surprise of a drop, the progress that I've made this week alone was evident in my pictures. My waistline has continued to come down, my ass is getting tighter and fuck, I even wore shorts to the gym. Talk about a victory. 

FML: No doubt, I'm making progress..However, I am still behind conditioning wise where I need to be at this point in my prep. At any given number of weeks, there is a mile marker if you will as to where your conditioning 'should' be to peak where you want to. Due to the fact that I am an emotional cutter and I love facts/figures, I pulled my check in from last season to get an idea of what I was doing (macros/cardio) and how I looked (conditioning)..With that said, I was eating much less, doing more cardio and yes, I was leaner/tighter than I am right now. **insert panic button throat punch here** At this point, my head did an exorcist type spin and thoughts of not being ready/being fat on stage had me freaking the fuck out. 

After I regained my sanity and logic (or whats left of it lol), I exhaled and grabbed a wee bit of perspective....
Yes, I am slightly behind where I need to be BUT, I am dropping with consistency a good amount of fat each week..2+lbs is nothing to just brush off. I am a good 15lbs up from where I was this time last season, no fuckin doubt I put in work during the off season and I am going to bring a much bigger/fuller/rounder physique...Now, I just gotta get my ass in shape so you can see it. And let's be real, I ain't afraid to put in the work and do what needs to be done. I've got a shit ton of issues but lack of effort isn't one of them. 

After all the crazy was subdued, the boss is keeping things rolling. No changes to the program (even though I begged for them LOL!). Why make changes for the sake of changes?!? Ummm..because Imma fuckin lunatic :o) 

OH! And last but not least, in addition to getting the fat off of my ass, I officially have my routine music edited and ready to go. Now, it's time to get to work on putting something winging shit this season, Imma be ready!

10 Weeks Out:
Power/Mountain Dog
45g Fat/200G Carbs/165g Protein (4 days)
45g Fat/145G Carbs/165g Protein (3 days)
1-1.5gal water
3 30min Steady State/2 HIIT sessions
Champion Nutrition's Multi-V, Omega 3 Fish Oil, Performance BCAA's, Liver Cleanse, Power Creatine, Power Glutamine, Pure Whey and ThermoGold
Glucosamine and probiotics
Oh shit, Son!

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