Monday, February 25, 2013

Preppin, pullin and then some......

Here I go.......((inhale))

First up: PREP!
I am 15 weeks out and still freaking a bit. After my coach made some tweaks last week, I did drop a bit on the scale. I'm sitting at 148.4lbs. Thrilled to have dropped WTF that upswing was. I took a round of pictures which is horrible, literally my least favorite thing to do...I do see SLIGHT progress, I suppose if I REALLY look but not like I would hope to. It was clear there was some water retention/bloating last week and that has seemed to subside. For some reason, I always feel I look better in the mirror and in person than what comes across in pictures. I swear, I have Pec/Delt/Bi/Tri separation...yet, in pics, it all looks like one soft mess!?!? Anywho..Noel did make some little tweaks to my nutrition, but feels that I am in a good place with 15wks to go. Other than thinking I'm too fat, I feel fantastic..My energy is great, I'm eating plenty of food etc...although, I did drop my fruit for more filling oats are a little sad without nanas lol

I know people will say I'm hard on myself and blah, blah...but just save all that rah rah bullshit. I set high expectations/standards for myself and I don't accept anything less than my absolute best. So, am I hard on myself? Maybe, but setting the bar low only ensures that you never progress and I will never apologize for wanting to be anything but average.

Next up: PR's BABY!!!
The highlight of my prep thus far has been getting leaner/dropping weight and still hitting monster PR's in the gym. I love being strong (there is a little PL in this girl) and looking good (the BB in me lol)...It's the perfect storm. Over the last week, I hit two notable PR's...the first being on chest day..I repped 155 for a solid triple (yes, I touch my half reps here!)..Yeah, I love my boobs but Pec cleavage FTW! The highlight of my training (and my fuckin life!) was not only FINALLY pulling 300, but surpassing it with 315! I have been training so hard and after failing at 300 a few times now, it was becoming more of a mental challenge than a physical one. Seeing 3 plates on the bar and getting it up with relative ease had me on cloud nine! Everyone keeps saying I had more in me and maybe I did but I was way tooooooooo excited LOL! There always comes a time during prep when your enegy and strength is limited, well I haven't hit that place yet so I'm going to enjoy these highs while I can get them.

Feel free to enjoy the ridiculousness that is me....!/photo.php?v=10200676828831287&comment_id=82310670&notif_t=like

And lastly, The Arnold:
With the Arnold approaching within the next few day, I have been getting tons of people asking if I am going...Yes I am :) As everyone knows who's been there, it's a very busy and hectic weekend, pretty much impossible to meet up with everyone but I do hope to run into as many friends as I can and say hello. I am not one to pimp shit and spam you with things, so when I tell ya to check something out, ya better listen ;-) As much as there is to see and do there, a few stops you should make are the Champion Nutrition Booth(#225) with IFBB Pro Lee Banks to score yourself some goodies. The Make it Fit Foundation (#250, 252 and 254) and Jerry Beck's Iron Asylum Booth (#351 and 353) are MUST sees! Stop by, meet some wonderful people and be apart of something special <3

((exhale))...WHEW I was chatty today

Monday, February 18, 2013

Warning: First Meltdown!

Well, it was bound to happen eventually.....

My first contest prep meltdown :(

I checked in with Noel over the weekend as usual and to my surprise the scale was up..not just a little fluctuation, but 3 whole pounds! I've been 110% on my plan and haven't changed a thing so that was NOT something I was expecting to see..Of course the scale doesn't tell the whole story, but that was definitely a blow. As I stripped down for another round of pics, I can't help but worry that with 16wks to go, I'm behind...I'm still so fat, That I should be further along, That I'll never be ready etc. 

I normally take my progress pics in a regular bikini, but I figured I would try my suit on cause I have no fuckin clue why!!! Emotional cutting?!!? Let's see, I'm 40 fuckin pounds heavier than the last time I had it on...WTF would make me think anything good would come of this?! At any rate,, it didn't fit (shocker!) but it also got me thinking that given the size that I've put on and the progress I've made over the last year, there is a VERY good chance that even come show time, I will not be fitting in that suit EVER again. So then my head starts spinning about needing a new suit..what size? Cost? AHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Now, as the meltdown and panic attack subsided, Noel and I went over a few things, troubleshooting and I checked back in a couple days later...luckily for my sanity, the scale was back down this morning, so still not sure why the large swing/increase but it dropped and that's what counts lol He did make some slight tweaks to my diet to get things moving. A little drop in carbs but overall nothing drastic. I know it sounds crazy (and let's be real..I'm fuckin crazy)..I'm actually EXCITED for the change in macros! I look forward to seeing the changes and to answer your question...No, I am still not doing any cardio but oddly enough, I wouldn't mind if I had too..again, kinda looking forward to it??? (check back with me on that later lol)

This is a prime example of why I could NEVER do my own prep diet. A coach is calm, cool and objective...I would have made retarded changes to my program and lord know what else. I have nothing but respect for people who manage to do their own contest prep..Nothing but props to you, I don't know how you do it. I cannot look at myself objectively, all I see is what work needs to be done and how far I still have to go. Patience is NOT a virtue that I possess..I want what I want and I want it NOW! The best thing I do is hand the reigns over to someone and do what I'm told...Contest prep is the only aspect of my life I just shut my mouth and follow directions LOL!

Anywho, I'm looking forward to seeing how my body responds this week with the changes I've made, that really is part of what makes this so much fun....Well, that and the cut in food is a nice savings at the food store :)))

So..meltdown over and moving on....

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dropping and increasing pounds in all the right places.....

Another week of prep under my belt and I'm feeling fanfuckintastic!

I checked in with Noel over the weekend and my weight was down a solid pound from last sitting at 149.2lbs! First time I've been under the 150 mark in what seems like forever :) Another round of pics done and again, I can see weekly changes. I am starting to see some pec separation, delt striation and oh yes, even a little abs (in the morning, then they run and hide like the ground hog LOL!) No tweaks to my program as of now, still dropping with plenty of food and NO cardio! BOOM! *happy dance*

Even as my weight is dropping, even as I get leaner and training is still fuckin rockin! I hit a few PR's over the last week or so and I am on cloud nine. The most notables were my 290lb pulls for a pair of singles..I was ecstatic over it and according to feedback from my video, I shoulda went for the 300 cause I would have had time I go for max, Imma pull that fucker! I also hit a PR of 160lb on my bench, it was pretty smooth too, so I know I'll smoke my next attempt..and to set off a week of PR's was my morning squat session where I hit 235 for 3! Unfortunately, my spotters can't video tape at the same time...the only downside to an empty gym lol

Overall, I feel great! I'm happy with how my physique is progressing, I'm getting shit done in the gym, my energy is up, I'm sleeping well (for me, anyway lol) and I am thoroughly enjoying the journey I am on. Will the time come when I'm bitching and complaining..Hello, of course..this is me but I am in a really good place right now, so Imma soak it up while it lasts.

Random musing from my head......

There are many people whom we cross paths with in our lives who won't understand the things we do and why we do them, but that's's not for them to "get". Live the life YOU love, for YOU and YOU alone. Those who care for you, those who love you don't have to understand it, but if they're worth your time, they will support you. I am happiest when I'm driving to the gym, singing along to my music into my pre workout bottle..It's simple, it's me and I love it. If you're on board, hop in next to me and enjoy the ride...if you're not, get outta my way cause I ain't got time for that.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Covering all the bases..

Another week down and things are moving along...

I had my check in with my coach over the weekend and it was yet another successful one! After only dropping just over a half pound the previous week, I was pleasantly surprised to see a solid drop of 2.2lbs this wkend. I'm sitting at 150.2lbs, 18 weeks out. I have to admit, I'm such a nerd and I find the shifts in the scale really interesting..The progress and changes in my physique are clear just by looking at myself in the mirror as well as in my pictures. My body is beginning to get it's shape back, seeing some separation and my waistline is sloooooowly making it's comeback...but the most mind blowing thing is that I actually have somewhat visible (oh so fuckin faint lol) ABS! WTF?!? At 150lbs?! Color me fuckin shocked and thrilled :))

I've been getting a ton of questions as far as what my program is like and all that good shit. In my previous prep blog I have given details as far as my exact meal plan, training and cardio programs entail, I have decided to not give so much detail this time around. One of the things that always seem to happen is people see someone having success, watching their progress and then want to just copy their program and end up following to a T what someone else is doing. Prep programs SHOULD (I say should, cause that isn't always the case) be designed for the specific athlete in mind..therefore, what I'm doing is based on MY body, MY metabolism, how it responds ect..

Now, with that out of the way..Lemme say that I am lovin my program =)

My training hasn't varied from the off season..I'm training on a 4 day split, still going heavy and running 5/3/1 for my main lifts and hitting PR's along the way...most notable was hitting 150 on my bench and pulling 275 for 5! Due to some hip tightness/achiness, I reset my squats going a bit lighter, focusing on getting deeper..hit a deep 225 for solid 8. One slight change has been going a bit lighter with military pressing :( I've been having a little discomfort in my left delt so I'm lightening up the pressing for a bit, but still able to rep out heavy lateral raises at 40lbs for sets of 10..No slackin on dem boulders! Feeling strong while dieting FTW!!!!

As far as my diet goes, I am eating a variety of foods..all of which I ENJOY..I am not one of those people that are eating fish and asparagus at every meal..unless you actually love it, then by all means, continue. I'm eating higher protein, moderate/highish carbs and lower fats..egg whites, chicken, oats, fruits, dairy, salads/greens etc and NOM'n the fuck outta it. I do keep it pretty simple, as prepping food for the week can be a pain in the ass when I have TOO much variety and let's be real..I'm fuckin lazy as all hell in the kitchen.

The one aspect of this prep which is greatly different than every previous prep is that I am currently doing ZERO cardio...ZERO, NONE, not a hot fuckin second and I'm dropping fat/getting tighter/leaner! Not doing any cardio is very strange for me..I've never began a prep without some form of cardio, it just feeling bizarre but I ain't complaining..Let the diet do the work, hold onto my muscle and Imma enjoy this cardio free fun while it lasts **BIG SMILE**

And lastly, my supplementation..I supplement year round, so prep is no different...

My daily staples include:
Champion Nutrition's Multi-V, Omega 3 Fish Oil, Performance BCAA's, ProFlex Advance Joint Support, Liver Cleanse, Muscle Nitro PM, Power Creatine, Power Glutamine, Adrenol8 (pre/wo) and Pure Whey (post/wo and also in my yogurt..yummy!)