Monday, May 5, 2014

9 Weeks Out

I'm not quite sure where the fuck time is going, but somehow I feel like I just started prepping and now it's May and I'm 9 weeks out?!?!

This last week has been a really positive one overall. My check in went well, there was a drop yet again on the scale..not as significant as the last couple but still a drop of more than a pound. I should be out of the 150's by my next update *crossing fingers and toes*
Aside from the scale, the physical changes are apparent in my progress pictures..not to mention, the way my clothes are fitting...or not fitting should I say lol Also, I can FEEL changes in my body which is pretty fuckin awesome..ya know, when you're shaving your legs and feel your hammies...yeah, I love that shit :) 

Yes, I'm happy to be making consistent progress however, we need to step it up in order for me to bring the level of conditioning I'd like to. Joe, acknowledged another solid week of progress but with that said, he did implement some changes going forward. YES!!!!!!!!!! We're dropping my fats a bit and bumping up my cardio...not adding any more sessions, but increasing the intensity/duration of my current sessions. *happy dance* I know, who the fuck WANTS less food and more cardio...Me that's who! I'm still having concerns on being ready in 9wks, so I'm begging for changes...and I'm not even remotely joking. 

In other prep-like news....
**The suit is officially in the works! I sent my measurements and some pictures to Jodie over the weekend so the ball is rolling there. We already decided on fabric/color a while back when I put my deposit down so at this point Imma let her creativity work it's magic. I'm starting to see things coming together and this is that point where I get girly..

**Not only do I have my music selected and edited, but I have a routine! GASP! I'm getting help from my friend Anthony (who is bodybuilder) who knows me, knows my style and helped me create something that was WAY better than I could have thought I'd be capable of. Now, I just have to practice my ass off to make it fluid and natural. 

**I'm pretty sure running is not for me. I have no clue how people do it?? I prefer to sprint out doors for my HIIT but holy fuck does my body take a beating. I love the intensity of it, how it kicks my ass but my knees, shins and feet are saying "Umm..fuck no, bitch" 

**I'm at that point where I'm starting to feel like I don't have enough hours in the day, which is bullshit considering I have 24 and I'm lucky if I sleep for 5-6 of them. I need to get better with my organization and time management, it keeps me sane. 

**Prep clumsy is in full effect. Without fail, numerous times per day I will spill/drop something and trip and/or bump into anything and everything. I've got scratches and bruised that I have no clue where they came from. 

**Aside from routine practice, I NEED to put in consistent time into posing practice. This comes back to the whole time management issue. I need to schedule that shit in just like my training or cardio sessions. My body is sore from my routine work, so I am CLEARLY out of shape but to spin it into a positive, hopefully all the fuckin sweating I'm doing will melt the fat off my ass. 

Let the cray-cray continue..............

9 Weeks Out:
Mountain Dog
35g Fat/200G Carbs/165g Protein (4 days)
40g Fat/145G Carbs/165g Protein (3 days)
1-1.5gal water
3 40min Steady State/2 HIIT sessions
Champion Nutrition's Multi-V, Omega 3 Fish Oil, Performance BCAA's, Liver Cleanse, Power Creatine, Power Glutamine, Pure Whey and ThermoGold
Glucosamine and probiotics